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Making sustainable the new typical.

We are Typical Works:
architects making affordable, healthy, zero-energy homes in the PNW.

Structural framing with glulams and trussesKitchen rendering showing light and spaceEvening photograph of home build in progressRammed earth and metal panel houseInstalling roof insulation and hat channels

b. Services

New Home Design

Know what's in your home with BIM and 3D visualization. Zero energy homes pay back for the upfront carbon footprint very quickly, and can last far longer.

ADU Design

Accessory dwellings units (ADUs) open up housing options in urban neighborhoods. Rent it out, or invite a family member to live with you!

Landscape Design

Native, drought-tolerant plants and rainwater infiltration make your site as high-performing as your home. Drone survey your land for real-world planning.

Material Selection

Building science is always changing.
Find local, low VOC materials that last the lifetime of your building.

Energy Modeling

Optimize thermal performance, passive solar heating, and PV panels.
Offset your carbon footprint by modeling the life cycle assessment.


Get help with building systems, detailing, best practices, or whatever is on your mind.

Reach out with your ideas

C. Designs

D. Places

We work across the US and Canada.
Map data: heating degree days at US and Canada weather stations.

E. Vision

We believe zero-energy homes are crucial to the future of our planet and should be accessible to everyone. We leverage building science to make our homes:


Zero-energy homes need to be affordable.

We use simple techniques to add value without adding cost. A high-performance home reduces energy, pollution, and bills.


All homes need to be free of toxins.

We use healthy materials and finishes, both inside and out. No formaldehyde, no VOCs, no combustion byproducts, and no mold.


New homes need to last 200+ years.

Our envelope is warmer, drier, and protects the home more completely than any other system out there. We pair this with an elegant structure that uses less wood and goes up faster.

F. Parts

The perfect wall is an environmental separator—it has to keep the outside out and the inside in.... In the old days we had one material to do this: rocks.

Joseph Lstiburek headshot
Joseph Lstiburek
Principal, Building Science Corporation

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Hot off the presses.

H. Team

Annelise Aldrich headshot

Annelise Aldrich is an architect whose designs reflect her diverse interests in geology, craft, and food. No matter the project type, Annelise's ultimate goal is to positively affect the human position in our physical world.

With nearly a decade of experience at architecture and landscape design firms in New York, London, and Seattle, Annelise brings a multidisciplinary approach to her environmentally-conscious designs. For her, successful architecture synthesizes human and material considerations with solutions that are reasonable and balanced.

Annelise is a registered architect in Washington.

Mark Keller is an architect who has devoted his practice to uncovering solutions for creating carbon-neutral homes that are affordable to all. Since 2008 when he became LEED accredited, Mark has pursued environmental sensitivity as the ultimate goal in his design work, which spans a range of project types including homes, museums, restaurants, and hotels.

With over a decade of experience at award-winning, internationally renowned firms across the US, Mark is known for designs that temper balance and subtlety with bold, unique strategies for innovation.

Mark is a registered architect in Washington and British Columbia.

Mark Keller headshot
Stella Stardust headshot

Stella Maris is a site supervisor who knows that the best ideas sometimes come to you while napping in a pile of sawdust.

With nearly a year of experience at construction sites in Washington, Stella demands positivity and high energy while on site. For her, it's all about the people.

Stella is a registered woodchipper in Washington and Texas.

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