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Roslyn, WA
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Cometto Grand Stair

This is a new grand stairway in the Cometto Boarding House. Adaptive reuse of the structure both minimizes its carbon footprint and elicits its rich past.
Wallpaper peeling over wood board
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Entering from the first floor, one catches glimpses through this three-story space to lookouts above. The stair jogs to open up spaces on each floor and bring light through the building.

Detailing and moulding is both humble and reflective of the age of the building.

Beadboard paneling matches the historical boarding house finishes, lending a tactile experience of the stairway.

At each landing, a peek-through allows views back to the entrance and floors below.

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Line drawing axonometric section showing stair

Climate Zone: 5B

Winter Design Temperature: -5° F

Ground Snow Load: 130 psf

Wind Design Speed: 110 mph

Seismic Design Category: C

Frost Depth: 24"

Termite Hazard: Slight to Moderate