Typical Works

Kennebunkport, ME

Old Cluff

A modest façade belies this highly functional, open, accessible home. Designed to be active and efficient in all four seasons, the home allows for fresh air ventilation in the summer and passive solar heating in the winter.
Old Cluff framing of main living space with views
Old Cluff rendering of main living space
Old Cluff framing detail
Old Cluff main view wall from exterior
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With the ceiling framing spanning the width of the space, the building celebrates the openness that can be enjoyed without structural devising walls.

With the natural flow of living in mind, the floor plan creates large open areas for living and light.

Southern solar exposure along the window wall is a priority to accomplish passive solar heating and a reduction in year-round energy use. The concrete floor features hydronic heat and functions as a thermal mass, holding and distributing heat in the home.

The light interior bounces sunlight to all areas, allowing for daylighting to be utilized much of the time.

While the primary functions of the home allow for accessible, single-story living, a walk-out basement adds an independent apartment or extra space for visitors.

Old Cluff rendering of main living space
Old Cluff exploded axonometric and floor plans
Old Cluff view bay framing
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An open bathing alcove and walk-through closet both allow light to penetrate deep into the space.

The site is surrounded by a light deciduous forest, giving easy privacy to the home's window wall. This allowed a celebration of openness in traditionally closed spaces like the shower.

Old Cluff sunlight tracing wall and floor at bathroom with view wall beyond

Climate Zone: 6A

Winter Design Temperature: 32° F

Ground Snow Load: 50 psf

Wind Design Speed: 100 mph

Seismic Design Category: C

Frost Depth: 48"

Termite Hazard: Slight

Built by Mike Ryan.

Photography by Simon Ryan.