Typical Works

Roslyn, WA
In Construction


This is a three-story, three-bedroom home on site sloping back to the Roslyn Urban Forest. The high and tight volume takes advantage of its view by perching the living space on the top floor with a ribbon of light-filled windows and vaulted ceilings.
Post-Coal kitchen rendering
Post-Coal exterior rendering
Post-Coal living room photograph
Post-Coal site plan
Post-Coal plans
Post-Coal entrance rendering
Post-Coal interior photograph
Post-Coal insulation construction
Post-Coal exploded axonometric
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For Typical Works, a high-performance home is defined by maximal efficiency in material and energy usage, carbon-neutral lifetime footprint, affordability, and longevity. Post-Coal is our proof of concept.

It features what we are calling a Tight Frame structure.

This uses significantly fewer resources than traditional framing. Taking advantage of dimensional efficiencies, the 4' on-center post spacing reduces waste and accelerates construction.

The Tight Frame structure was erected, sheathed, and weatherproofed in two weeks by a four-person crew. Plywood acts as both exterior sheathing and the interior finish.

This home joins a Tight Frame structure with a PERSIST envelope.

Using Whole Site Life-cycle Assessment, we balance the carbon footprint required to build the house, offset with carbon credits, and harvest on-site renewable energy. This home will achieve the International Living Future Institute's Zero Carbon and Zero Energy certifications.

Post-Coal exterior dusk photograph
Post-Coal sheathing
Post-Coal sheathing
Post-Coal framing
Post-Coal foundation insulation
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How does a Tight Frame compare?

A Tight Frame structure uses 77% fewer pieces.
In a 4' bay:

    · Standard framing requires 30 members, a 25% framing factor.
    · Advanced framing requires 20 members, a 22% framing factor.
    · Tight Framing uses only 7 members, a 15% framing factor.

This building method is deconstructable and reusable. Screws, not nails, are used wherever possible. Standard lumber or mass timber are joined with simple off-the-shelf connections.

The reduction of interior finish material (no drywall) lowers costs and reduces scope, but also shrinks the carbon footprint: 1.9 tons (360kg CO2e) of drywall carbon emissions saved.

Tight Frame + PERSIST isn't like any other building method out there:

    · No eave or rake overhang needed.
    · No thermal bridges.
    · No leaks or gaps.
    · No interior finish required.

Post-Coal will be a testament to just how far we’ve come from coal mining to a post-carbon future.

Post-Coal framing from forest

Climate Zone: 5B

Winter Design Temperature: -5° F

Ground Snow Load: 130 psf

Wind Design Speed: 110 mph

Seismic Design Category: C

Frost Depth: 24"

Termite Hazard: Slight to Moderate

Framing by Treecraft Design-Build.

Engineering by Lund Opsahl.

Video score by Lena Ozea.