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Salt Spring Island, BC
In Construction

Mt. Tuam

This is a high-performance, healthy sanctuary for living. It supports accessible, single-story living with restorative wellness spaces such as a salt cave, therapy pool, and steam room.
Mt. Tuam wood framing during construction
Exposed house framing with sunset beyond.
Mt. Tuam framing at dusk overlooking Salish Sea.
Mt. Tuam site plan
Mt. Tuam exploded axonometric
Mt. Tuam interior rendering at living space looking at view
Framing detail with view of Salish Sea beyond.
Mt. Tuam exterior rendering at dusk looking at carport and entrance
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The home’s remote mountain site is nestled among expanses of moss and rock outcroppings.

Landscaping sources native plants to unify the home with its site, while also working to restore habitats. A natural swim pond incorporates a regeneration zone of plants to filter water without the use of chemicals.

A sawtooth roof with clerestories spans the length of the home, gathering daylight to interior spaces throughout the day as well as providing significant fresh air ventilation and passive solar gains—aspects critical for the resident's physical, mental, and emotional health.

Central to the space is an an expansive window wall overlooking a 900-acre ecological reserve with views of the Gulf Islands, the Cascades, and the Olympics.

Healthy material strategies are paramount to the design, with the clients requiring a chemically neutral space. The design focuses on the aligned priorities of healthy spaces and a healthy environment.

Creating visual and physical connections to the outdoors was a key design concern, since the owners find their residence to be the vehicle linking them to the outside world.

Mt. Tuam interior rendering looking into office
Exposed framing with car decking roof and sky beyond.
Mt. Tuam carport rendering at dusk
Mt. Tuam main house plan
Mt. Tuam envelope details
People walking on sawtooth roof framing.
Two people walking on sawtooth roof with car decking.
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The design prioritizes non-toxic materials, including an exposed timber Tight Frame structure and douglas fir casework finished with a VOC-absorbing paint. Careful research yielded material specifications that are low-VOC, NAUF, CARB and LBC 4.0 Red List compliant.

Exposed Carbon Cure concrete floors act as a carbon sink and a thermal mass, additionally providing radiant hydronic heat.

Aluminum cladding on a PERSIST envelope helps deflect unwanted electromagnetic frequencies, while also providing a resilient shell that can stand up to the marine environment.

Mt. Tuam front rendering at carport with view beyond

Climate Zone: 4C

Winter Design Temperature: 16° F

Ground Snow Load: 50 psf

Wind Design Speed: 110 mph

Seismic Design Category: C

Frost Depth: 18"

Termite Hazard: Slight

Construction by MDRN Built.

Engineering by DT Engineers.

Photography by Nathan Huisman.

Copy by TYP and Lauren Gallow.